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On a voyage of discovery along and on the water

Lakes in the Morvan


The six reservoirs in  park Morvan Natural attract their own audience: swimmers and water sports enthusiasts seeking facilities, anglers, white water rafting enthusiasts, hikers, peace seekers.

The six reservoirs in the Morvan were created in the 19th and 20th centuries to prevent the Seine from overflowing in Paris.


Until 1920, Lake Settons was also used for timber transports from the Morvan to Paris.

The most beautiful beaches along the reservoirs are,  La Cabane Verte beach on Lake Settons; Bonin and the Blaisy peninsula on Lake Pannecière; Chamboux beach; and the coves of Lake Saint-Agnan. Supervised swimming is only possible in high season in Lake Settons at the Active water sports centre.


The reservoirs are home to carp, crayfish, pike, walleye and river bass. You can also fish for trout in some places. Obviously a French fishing card is required.

A departmental or interdepartmental permit is required for a number of lakes. Check this in advance at the tourist office or the town hall. Night fishing is allowed in some places around Lake Pannecière and in Lake Saint-Agnan more than 600 meters from the dam.


The six reservoirs are:

Lac de  SettonsLac de  PannecièreLake Saint-AgnanLake Chaumecon, Lake  from Crescent, and  Lake Chamboux.

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